“We are writing today to express our deepest gratitude for taking the time to work with our Son. Back in 2016, we had a family friction which unbeknown to us; had affected our son more deeply and his difficulties with this experience manifested in ticks. After speaking with our NHS professionals, we were advised to just leave it and he would grow out of it. After 4 years the ticks continued. After speaking with Peter at a chance meeting; he offered to help us with proven methods of mental healing and in just 5 sessions our son learned the coping input to heal his disorder that had been starting to affect his social and school life. We are all very pleased with what he has been able to do for us and the results are just as he had suggested they would be. We write this positive review in the hope that someone else needing help might have the courage to reach out to be helped by Peter.”
– Family 1

“We were introduced to Peter when we were in crisis with our child. He really helped to put us on a path with regards to techniques of how to manage situations that were occurring. He made himself available at any time of the day by telephone so that we could obtain immediate advice and assistance when necessary. He provided us with lots of useful information and provided us with a report on his work with us and our son. He accessed (with our permission) and engaged with other professionals and individuals to obtain information to give a background to the issues we were having. Peter has a vast wealth of experience to call upon and dealt with us in an empathetic and professional manner at all times. We could not recommend him highly enough.”
– Family 2

“I had predominantly worked with Peter on a one-to-one basis over several months around bereavement issues. I felt safe enough to call on him when my partner and I got into an emotional discussion where we both found difficulty in communicating. Peter was responsive and realised the urgency behind my request to facilitate a dialogue. As we are both women he also gave us the option of going with a recommended female therapist for the couples work in case we did not both feel safe to have the conversation with him, which I found to be considerate and sensitive. The benefits of the session for me, was being able to slow down and really hear my partner rather than reacting. I think the session helped move us forward and we would highly recommend Peter for couples work”. 
M & D

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